Thank you for being #AnotherGoodHuman!

I know you must be pretty confused right now. That's okay; we're here to explain everything!

First off, we want to thank you for being another good human! It appears as though someone out there truly believes that you make this world a better place. Whoever handed you this card may have witnessed you do something kind, selfless, or compassionate...or maybe you have even been an endless source of light in their dark place for a while now. Whatever the case may be, you have ultimately shared in our pursuit of celebrating the good of humanity without even knowing it. You are awesome!

At Another Good Human, our mission is to celebrate the good of humanity through the simple movement we have established called #BeAnotherGoodHuman. From our uniquely-designed Humani-Tee (a shirt that empowers you to bring your good story to life) to our innovative Seek-The-Good Card (which you're holding onto right now), we strive to empower individuals to be change-makers in this world, asking them to not only see the good but to also seek it out in their daily lives!

If you would like to learn more, check out our Project Humani-Tee!