Project Humani-Tee

On March 20, 2021, Another Good Human launched Project Humani-Tee on Kickstarter with a desire to bring the movement of #BeAnotherGoodHuman to life...

Project Humani-Tee consists of three key elements: GATHERING, SEEKING, & ILLUMINATING the good of humanity:


A Collection of Good Stories

In short, our mission at Another Good Human is to make your good story known. We desire to create a kind of platform through which we can empower your actions, deeds, passions, and dreams to inspire this world into becoming a better place. Isn't that what we all want? To change the world.

LEVEL II: Seeking

The Seek-The-Good Card

A token designed to creatively challenge you to alter your perspective and seek out the good of humanity in your daily life. When you go out in public, carry this card with you and give it out when you witness someone (a stranger, a colleague, etc.) do something good. The goal is to thank them for being another good human and encourage them to keep living out their good story!


The Humani-Tee

An ethically-made & sustainably-sourced garment designed with the intent of empowering you to carry and spread the movement of #BeAnotherGoodHuman while also enabling you to live out your own unique story to motivate and inspire the world around you!

What's next?

Project Humani-Tee is just the beginning. Someday (hopefully soon), this pandemic will end and become simply a shared memory of the past. The good of humanity, on the other hand, will always exist, continuing to shine and protect us in the face of dark times yet to come.

This is not a temporary movement. We want to move forward on this journey and expand it to an even greater degree. From the production of innovations like Project Humani-Tee that aim to spread the good of humanity to the creation of digital forms of content that highlight change-makers across the globe, our movement at Another Good Human is undoubtedly here to stay!