Your Good Stories

Jessica's Good Story

"What do you mean by 'your good story'?" Think about how you personally contribute towards the good of humanity or recount an experience in which someone else inspired you to #BeAnotherGoodHuman. Whether big or small, your good story matters, and we want the rest of the world to know that, as well! Your story will be sent out among hundreds and thousands of others to be shared on our website and various social platforms, working together to inspire humans from all over. When you share your good story with us, you become part of our community—a global collective of change-makers...

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Tony's Good Story

"Wow, that's amazing! How do I join the movement at Another Good Human?" When you visit our homepage, you will come across the opportunity to share your good story with us. We are already so thrilled that you have made it this far! Once you join our community and share your good story, you will officially #BeAnotherGoodHuman!

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Eric's Good Story

"But, what’s with the QR code?" Think of the QR code as an innovative way to personally express not only your own good story but also to awaken those who see it to follow in your footsteps of doing good in the world. In other words, the QR code enables individuals to carry the movement of #BeAnotherGoodHuman with them on the go at the grocery store, the mall, the park, or literally anywhere else on the planet. When another curious human like yourself scans the back of the Humani-Tee, our main goal is to remind them of the good of...

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