"Being human is a given. Keeping our humanity is a choice."


A movement that celebrates the good of humanity!

At Another Good Human, we choose to love one another to the ends of the earth. In a world full of good humans, there's always room for another...

A Collection of Good Stories

At Another Good Human, we inspire change-makers to revolutionize the way we view the world around us.

We are motivated by the reality that there is a wonderful, beautiful story within each and every single one of us. Furthermore, we believe goodness is a collective goal which can only be achieved through a deeper, more personal connection to our stories. No matter what you aspire to do or become, your good story, i.e. the life that you're living right now, is currently inspiring others in more ways than you could ever imagine.

What's your good story? Share it today and...

Bring Your Good Story to Life!

Project Humani-Tee

Project Humani-Tee is our fundamental endeavor to make the movement of #BeAnotherGoodHuman a real-world experience!

Through two innovations and three levels, we want this project to truly have an impact on the world!